08 November 2011

Cute Giraffe Hat

This page has moved! Please visit the new page for the pattern: Cute Giraffe Hat


Gems said...

This looks amazing!! I'm expecting as so are both my sisters-in-laws and this project would be perfect. However, I am a beginner knitter and I haven't yet tried knitting in the round. Is there any chance you could adapt the pattern for flat knitting at all?
If you have any other pattern ideas, I would love to see them.

Best Wishes,


Julia said...

Gemma, thank you for the note! I would love to let you know how to adapt the pattern for knitting flat, but I have a new baby so my time is limited... I haven't had much of a chance to work on any knitting projects lately. I highly encourage you to learn how to knit in the round. Once you learn, you'll never want to knit anything with seams again! Wish you all the best!


Oh, and there are links at the top of the page that will lead you to both my free patterns and my patterns for sale!

Anonymous said...

Pointless fact - the things on the top of a Giraffes head are called 'Ossicones', a great word to know for quizzes!

Sheila said...

Fun hat! :) I have a two year old and I think I have to make this hat! ;)